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The links below go to archived versions of the original conference websites associated with various TEI Members Meetings. Note: because these files have been migrated from their original server environment, it is possible that some functionality may be missing, and styling may be imperfect. (In particular, please don't try to register for a conference in the past!) If you notice any serious problems, please notify the TEI webmaster.
  1. 2007: 31 October – 3 November, Baltimore, Maryland USA
  2. 2008: 6–8 November, London, UK
  3. 2009: 9–15 November, Ann Arbor, Michigan USA
  4. 2011: 10–16 October, Würzburg, Germany
  5. 2012: 7–10 November, College Station, Texas USA
  6. 2013: 2-5 October, Rome, Italy
  7. 2014: 22-24 October, Evanston, Illinois USA
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