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TEI Membership Benefits

There are several tangible benefits of membership in the TEI Consortium.  One of the most important benefits, which is difficult to quantify, is the fact that support for the TEI helps ensure that this important community standard will continue to be available and supported for the future, and that its development keeps pace with the needs of the text encoding community. Other, more specific benefits include the following:

TEI annual Conference and Members' Meeting
The TEI Conference and Members' Meeting is a central event in the TEI community and an excellent opportunity to meet with other TEI projects and users and learn more about new developments in the TEI world. TEI institutional representatives and individual subscribers can: 
  • Attend the annual TEI business meeting for free
  • Receive a substantial discount on registration for the TEI conference
AccessTEI Digitization Program
TEI Members are able to take advantage of AccessTEI, our Consortium-negotiated discount on bulk digitization, available for a wide variety of content types and document languages.
Use of TAPAS to archive and publish TEI documents
All TEI members may create TAPAS accounts free of charge as a benefit of membership. The TAPAS service permits users to upload TEI data for long-term repository storage, and to create projects and collections to publish and share their TEI data. TEI members also receive discounts on TAPAS workshops and consulting services.
Voting in TEI elections
All TEI members have a vote in TEI Council elections; electors designated by each institutional member may cast one vote in TEI Board elections.  Votes are cast online, in advance of the TEI annual meeting.
Discounts on software
The TEI works to negotiate discounts with vendors of software. Currently TEI members are entitled to a 20% discount on the popular <Oxygen/> XML Editor, which comes bundled with TEI schemas and stylesheets. Members may obtain a discount code by logging in to the Members' site; individuals at member institutions can be designated to receive these discounts by the person at their institution who is designated to administer the membership (that person will be listed in the Directory).
Discounts on training and consultation
TEI members are entitled to receive discounts from participating institutions on TEI training workshops and consultation.

The TEI continues to explore additional opportunities for membership benefits, and any new benefits will be announced on TEI-L and at this site.

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